The CAPTURE Project





Revolutionizing how chronic disease prevention practitioners and program managers learn from what they do

There are many people who are working to advance the field of performance measurement and evaluation, in Canada and abroad. The CAPTURE Project (“Canadian platform to increase usage of real-world evidence”) is committed to making evaluation easy, accessible and practical. While it is focused on chronic disease prevention, it is relevant to organizations that are improving community well-being (an important determinant of health!).  

The CAPTURE Project seeks to improve the ability of organizations and program managers to learn from what they do. Specifically, CAPTURE is building a web-based evaluation platform to help them understand what works in their community and under what context. With features like e-networking and a Google-like resource search engine, CAPTURE will also offer a range of unique evaluation tools and services that cover all aspects of program planning, evaluation and dissemination.

The CAPTURE Project is a strategic initiative funded by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer.

The CAPTURE team is based at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia. To learn more or sign-up for CAPTURE’s monthly e-bulletin, visit


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