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Is measuring impact possible?

September 29, 2011

When you hear the word “impact”, what comes to mind? While your first thoughts may include that kickboxing class you just joined, it is it is also true that the term “impact” is often used loosely to encompass any type of reporting about the social or environmental mission of an organization.  In the world of evaluation, this word has a much ‘tighter’ meaning:  Impact is the tracking of long-term outcomes, controlling for external influences, or using randomized control trials to prove that the outcomes are attributable to a particular organization’s efforts.

What does this mean in practice?  Consider the following example which may seem straight forward, but is more challenging when you get down to the details. (more…)


The CAPTURE Project

September 29, 2011





Revolutionizing how chronic disease prevention practitioners and program managers learn from what they do

There are many people who are working to advance the field of performance measurement and evaluation, in Canada and abroad. The CAPTURE Project (“Canadian platform to increase usage of real-world evidence”) is committed to making evaluation easy, accessible and practical. While it is focused on chronic disease prevention, it is relevant to organizations that are improving community well-being (an important determinant of health!).   (more…)


September 28, 2011

Welcome to the Demonstrating Value blog, where the DV team shares tools, resources and information that will assist community-based organizations plan, manage and communicate the value of their work.

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